Setting The Standards For Calf Rearing

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Tuesday 19th December @ 10:17am

We are delighted to have Anthea Daw join our team. Anthea will be covering South Wales and Wilsthire to share her wealth of knowledge and experience. Having spent most of her career managing and caring for young stock from baby calves to the point of calving, Anthea is keen to offer advice and support to farmers in her area.Feel free to call or email Anthea for a chat or a farm visit to see how we can help the future of your...MORE

Top Tip - Milk Powder Mixing2
Monday 18th December @ 10:16am

Correct Mixing of Milk PowderThe correct preparation of milk replacers can make a huge difference to the absorption rate & Daily Live Weight Gain in calves. Our team can help with advice on your milk preparation procedure and ensure you get the most out of your milk...MORE