Setting The Standards For Calf Rearing

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Milk Replacers

Today's calf is tomorrows cow*

Feeding a quality milk replacer to a young calf is essential to ensure that you are getting optimum performance today which ultimately delivers a better performing milking cow.

All of our milk replacers are formulated and manufactured to the highest of standards using human grade ingredients and processes to ensure the best quality. Our products are rigorously tested both in the laboratory and on farm before being sold in the market.
Speak to one of our Calf Specialists to help select the best milk replacer for you and your calves. We will also help create unique feeding plans to create optimum performance now and in the future.

*Klaske 2010

Calf Rearing
Blue Bloom

This product can be used as a starter product or fed to weaning, if skimmed milk is preferred. Blue Bloom is also highly effective when fed to continental bulls or heifer calves.

  • 22% protein
  • 15% fat

Key benefits
A highly palatable product that contains skimmed milk powder.

Calf Rearing
Genetic Gold

Generally fed for at least the first 70 days of life. In good conditions animals should reach a target weight of 120kg at 12 weeks of age.

  • 26% protein
  • 17% fat

Key benefits
Designed for feeding to dairy heifers with a high genetic potential, can be fed at levels exceeding that of traditional products. This product produces the growth rates required for a long, healthy and productive life.

Calf feeding and Housing Specialists
Yellow Top

Suitable for feeding to large batches of calves either by teat or in a trough.

  • 19% protein
  • 15.5% fat

Key benefits
Can be fed in most feeding systems, this product is particularly suitable for systems where the milk replacer needs to stay in suspension for a long period of time.

Calf Rearing
Green Start

Designed to be fed from 7 days of age to weaning or can used in conjunction with Platinum Start.

  • 21% protein
  • 16.5% fat

Key benefits
This product is suitable for all feeding systems, is high in energy content giving calves a good healthy looking bloom. Suitable for all feeding systems, but particularly computerised feeding.

Calf Rearing
Big Red

Can be fed from 7 days of age, or can be fed as a follow on product later in the milk feeding period.

  • 20% protein
  • 16% fat

Key benefits
An economically priced product that is suitable for all feeding systems, but particularly twice-daily bucket feeding.

Calf Rearing
Platinum Start

A complete feed that is fed from 3 days of age until 10 days of age.
The product also contains a special fibre structure that helps the rumen flora develop

  • 24% protein
  • 17% fat

Key benefits
Contains a boost of antibodies that help the calf fight the five main causes of diarrhoea
E.g. E- coli , cryptosporidium , rota and corona virus, clostridium and salmonella.