Setting The Standards For Calf Rearing

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Permanent Calf Pens

Calf hutches with calves
Calf Hutches empty
Calf Hutches empty 2
Permanent Calf Hutches in barn
Calves being fed with lifters
Hutch with lifters
Hutch being lifted

Strong, practical and affordable.

Dairy Excellence permanent calf pens have synthetic walls. Synthetic walls are strong, easy to clean and durable. Each component of the pens can be ordered separately. For instance to construct seven pens you might only need eight side panels. You only pay for what you really need. It is also possible to place the pens against an existing structure. In this way you save the cost of a back wall. The hutches have a dimension of 150 x 90 cm. Upon request we can also supply hutches with a dimension of 100cm wide.

Bucket brackets, teat bucket holders, bucket holders, water bowls and teat buckets can be ordered separately. It is also possible to order a frame if you require one.

The hutches are delivered in kit form and include an easy to use manual and all the necessary assembly materials.

Calf Pens with a lifting system

There is an option to have pens fitted with a lifting system. You can lift the calf pens with a front loader or telehandler to clean them outside. No hardwood grills are needed so the hutches can be easily cleaned. The holder can be ordered for one, two or three pens.