Setting The Standards For Calf Rearing

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Mobile Single Box Barn

Mobile Singl
Single boxes joined together
Single box 2
Single box 1
Single box with calves
Single box x 2
Single boxes paired
Single box being moved
Mobile Singl

Suitable for 5 calves

A good climate and a low risk of infection make the single box barns a success.

A barn with 5 individual boxes, based on the concept of an open-front barn. No draught but sufficient circulation of fresh air.

The barn consists of a steel frame with synthetic panels. The calf hutches are also made of synthetic material. The standard barn has an insulated rooftop. Optional you can choose a barn with an extended roof of 0.5 m. or a barn with a windbreak door. By choosing a barn with extended roof and placing 2 barns opposite to each other, you create a practical barn for 10 animals with a passage of 1m. Bucket brackets, teat bucket holders, water bowls and teat buckets can be ordered separately and according to your specific needs. The barn can be moved using a front loader.

The barn's dimensions are 5 (l) x 2.5 (w) x2.25 (h) m. The barn comes pre- assembled (excluding the individual boxes).