Setting The Standards For Calf Rearing

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Calf Hutches on Wheels

Calf hutch on wheels x 2
Calf hutch on wheels
Calf hutch on wheels empty
Calf hutch on wheels empty outside
Calf hutch on wheels with roof

Calf hutches on wheels.

The great advantage of calf hutches on wheels is that the hutches can be moved out of the shed for cleaning. This prevents the other calves from getting wet and reduces the risk of contamination. The calf hutches are provided with swivel wheels and wheels with a brake. The hutches as standard are equipped with hardwood grilles. Feel free to ask for synthetic grilles.

Our calf hutches on wheels can be delivered as single boxes or in sets of two or three. The hutches can also be supplied on feet if required.

Single and duo boxes can be supplied with a roof

The calf hutches are delivered in kit form and include an easy to use manual and all the necessary assembly materials.