Setting The Standards For Calf Rearing

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About Dairy Excellence

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Dairy Excellence
Dairy Excellence
Calf Rearing
Dairy Excellence
Calf Rearing

Dairy Excellence

Our mission is to support our customers in the most vital stage of an animals life, by delivering expert advice on nutrition, health, welfare, and housing.

Using world leading knowledge and products to avoid using antibiotics. In turn helping create profitable farms for the future.

Backed by five generations in the cattle business we have the knowledge and passion to help you rear calves, ensuring that you get the most out of them now and when they enter the herd in the future.

Looking after your every need

Our aim is to help improve your calf rearing on quality and profitability, whether you have dairy replacements or beef calves. We can guide and advise you every step of the way during the most critical stage of animals life.

Our service plan is offered to all customers and is tailored to your individual needs.

Services offered

  • Professional advice in the fields of nutrition, health, housing and ventilation
  • Scour testing to help pin point the most probable causes within 5 minutes, providing you with the best possible solution
  • A non antibiotic treatment plan for diseases, developed specifically for your farm to ensure the quickest possible recovery of your calves
  • Growth measurements assessing your calf growth rates. We will check if your calves are on the optimum growth
    plan to calve at the desired age
  • Smoke tests can be used to assess airflow and ventilation. Quick, simple and effective, our specialists provide expert advice on how to improve ventilation and solve problems
  • Calibration service and support, setting up automatic milk feeders to ensure that you get the most out of your calves and investment
  • Calf housing is an essential element of calf rearing. Our calf specialists will be able to advise and help design the best housing for your needs.

Dairy Excellence is a division of Buitelaar Production Ltd

Dairy Excellence is a concept brand of Buitelaar Production Ltd, a leader in livestock supply chains from calf rearing to cattle finishing contracts. Buitelaar specialises in the development of innovative bovine health & feed technologies while championing unique meat marketing solutions.

Quality, innovation and sustainability are our guiding principles, from research to cutting edge products, models and services, all designed to optimise animal health, welfare and nutrition.